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Singapore college of insurance

The Singapore College of Insurance (SCI) is a not-for-profit professional training and education body set up in 1974, as part of Singapore’s efforts to develop as a financial hub.

For more than 45 years, SCI has remained focused in its efforts to upgrade the technical expertise of insurance and financial services practitioners, and to provide them with professional advancement opportunities, through its series of practice-oriented programmes and internationally-accredited qualifications. Since the late 1970s, the SCI has also played the role of an industry examination body to conduct regulatory examinations for those wishing to join the financial advisory, life and general insurance industries.


AIC is an organisation under the ASEAN Secretariat which focusses primarily on the ASEAN insurance industry. Formed as a public-private partnership funded by the private sector and it works closely with the ASEAN Insurance Regulators and related Government Agencies to further the objective of regional co-operation in ASEAN. It was established during the ASEAN Meeting on 4 April 1978 in Jakarta, Indonesia . The objectives of the organisation are to promote and stimulate the development of the insurance industry within ASEAN as well as to build relationships amongst insurance companies in ASEAN. The AIC Board comprises the Presidents of the 15 Life and Non-Life Insurance Associations in ASEAN and a member of ASEAN Plus One, GIAJ from Japan, led by the Secretary-General. There are a number of Working Committees under the AIC; namely the ASEAN Insurance Education Committee (AIEC), ASEAN Council of Bureaux (COB), ASEAN Natural Disaster Research and Works Sharing (ANDREWS), ASEAN Reinsurance Working Committee (ARWC), ASEAN Actuarial Talent Development , and recently ASEAN Agricultural Insurance.

ASEAN Insurance Council